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uTouch Massager

uTouch Massager

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 uTouch Vibrating Twin Touch Point Technology Versatile Gentle Massager

With this uTouch massager, if you can touch it, you can relieve it! Makes melting away life's aches, pains and stress a daily pleasure. You can use uTouch just about anywhere. Its soothing Twin Touch Points provide relief for all kinds of tension, aches and pains. U Touch is Simple and easy to use, uTouch can quickly bring relief where it's needed. T

  • Flexible design allows a wide reach or focused direction to apply waves of stress-relieving power
  • Unique design allows you to reach both sides of a target area at the same time
  • Small, lightweight, portable design
  • Features: Twin Touch Points Outer silicone body 2 Removable wave capsules Wave capsule on/off button Inner bridge Includes a foldout user guide Includes: Silicone uTouch unit 2 x Wave capsules Batteries Foldout User Guide


uTouch Massager



Brand uTouch
Massager Product Vibrating Massagers


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